Hair Tie Holders

If having 3 daughters has taught me anything its this....there is a never ending supply of hair ties! Of every shape, size, and color! And usually they are just tossed on top of dressers, sinks, floors and inside book bags, any place you can find. Well, I thought what if they had someplace to "collect" all those wonderful "Mom I have to have it!" accessories. Maggie designed and created these cute little stands that are sure to look amazing in any girls room (big or small). We have also learned they are a fantastic place to store jewelry! Necklaces, bracelets, & now silly bands can now be neatly stored in one convenient place.

You can choose:
  • 4 different bases: Round, Square, Oval, Heart.  
  • Choose: 2 or 3 arms (average length with ball @ the end is 6 1/2" ) 
  • Small or large topper.
  • Can be made in any height (average size before topper & base is 12")
  • Pick a 4 color combo and make it totally your own!