2016 Business Resolutions

I can't say I was too sad to see 2015 go. I had started out in January like most people, excited about the prospects of a clean slate.  I wrote resolutions. Promised myself things would finally change. Well, change they certainly did, but not in the way I had intended them to. God had a different plan. Personally, my world was turned upside down. My life was significantly altered and all those "resolutions" I had penned in a small notebook at the beginning of the year, seemed far away, and almost childish.

But I'm glad to say, with Gods relentless help, I came through the other side and am now excited for the prospects of a year planned by God. That's the difference-it's how I approach it.

I know that God is in control and I'm going wherever he leads, BUT i also know it's important for me to take an active approach to my life as well, getting up and getting moving.  So, that's the direction I am headed in, onward & upward.  Just moving forward one step at a time and allowing God to direct my path.

That said, one of my steps forward is every Sunday i join my husband, (or soon to be husband on February 22, we are getting remarried after being divorced 14 years, lol, go figure, those are those "God has another plan" things I was talking about) in an "intentional work session". We go to Starbucks, grab a coffee (i get Hot chocolate) and we set up shop.  We work strictly on our businesses.  Coordinating schedules for the week, writing up estimates, writing this blog even.  Talk about dreams, goals and visions for what the plans are for the upcoming week, month, year and how we are moving forward business wise.  It started as a fluke but has now grown into a really rich time.  A time of focus and forward thinking.

So it is with that intension that I want to share the items I have done during the week.  If I have some creative ideas I want to share them.  As I keep moving forward with this, so does my business.  It puts things into perspective but also lets me see how far I have progressed.

Here we go.....

These are a couple items I finished this week:

I also painted and submitted two paintings that have since been approved and moved to our PaintNite library for purchase.  Magnificent Magnolia & Midnight Memories are the newest addition to my growing work in acrylics on canvas.

Come paint with me some night if you are in the Syracuse area! Go to to find an event, use coupon code MARYM20 for $20 off and be prepared to relax and have fun!

I look forward to spending some time with you every week. Sharing some ideas I have percolating, projects I'd love feedback on and taking my business to the next level.  I am excited!

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happy creating!



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