The Little Things

Just a little blurb in between bigger things. I have been swamped with work, but as I say all the time, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!! I'm finishing up the second half of a couple of end tables, an extra large storage unit, a large coat rack for a customer in CA, and a telephone stand for a college student in Oklahoma.

In between these large things, are the little things. My friend Deb Mc Master of Sweet Lemonade Boutique (look for her shop on Face Book) or her web site; has asked me to paint little purses, and matching sneakers, to compliment the dresses she sews. I just finished one that will be paired up with her Sock Monkey dress, and it turned out pretty cute!

I also have finished up 2 signs for a customer who has a friend that is a race car driver. She wanted to make something special for his kids, and loved my "Race Ya" sign. The green is the color of his car, and each child had a different colored star with their name in the center (Thanks, Yvette!).

Next was a stool. A lot of the smaller stuff I do have to purchase, but I always use a 1/2 off coupon (I never pay full price!). She wanted it to match the storage box I did for her kitchen. It turned out pretty funky! It’s almost a shame to step on it.

I will be doing the 51st Annual Antiques Show, in Skaneateles, NY, July 9-10th. I have purchased some cute little pieces. I haven't painted them yet...give me some feedback! What colors should I do them in? What would make you stop and go, "WOW! I have to have that!"


xoxoRASJ said...

As far as color choices go, I think you are doin' pretty great all by yourself! Those transformations are amazing!

I am so sad that I am going to have to miss that show! Grrrrr! Keep us posted about your whereabouts this summer so maybe I can catch you at a later show.


Pattee said...

Wow I found your blog on Tristan's blog and I just love your work!!!

Where do you sell your work!


Mary said...

Hi Pattee! Thanks so much for following me & the great compliments! I have a store on ETSY: please stop by and check it out! So glad to know you like my work!-M