A Cute Couple

This cute little couple was designed as a custom order for a customer on our Etsy store (See our ad on the side bar). She wanted two pieces for her daughter’s room that would complement the colors she already had on the walls, as well as, pieces that would grow with her daughter through the years. These two pieces are sure to become beautiful heirlooms, that she can pass down to her children as well.

The bookshelf was a piece that I actually picked up at my local AC Moore. With a store coupon, it only cost us half the original amount. It has two deep buckets on the front to store toys also, which makes it a more versatile piece for a  child’s room. The color palette is one that I use often. I love these colors together. Brown is the new black, I think, and it’s the warmer choice of the two (but I still think black is a very powerful color). The browns, pinks, and greens, complement each other perfectly and the brown makes it not so "bubblegummish". This particular brown was actually off the “Oops!” rack at LOWES and I love the way it looks like melted chocolate. Whenever I open the can, it’s all I think of! It’s as if you want to drudge a juicy strawberry right through it! I really think the yummy feeling that it evokes transfers to the pieces I put it on. This shelf and end table are no different.

Mom also wanted “Believe, Create, Imagine” on her pieces, to remind her daughter to always think beyond herself. Although in recent years these words seem to appear everywhere, I still think they are very strong in meaning. They are three words I aspire to daily, and found it great that this mother wanted to pass that ideology onto her daughter.


alice said...

JUST DARLING!! Both pieces look great. You are a talented duo for sure.
smiles, alice

kathie said...

You are so talented! I am your newest follower, coming over from My Repurposed Life :) I love your stuff!

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

these are just tooo cute! I love the way you paint!
thanks for linking up to my first ever link party!

Mary said...

Thanks ladies! Wow, I'm so happy you like my stuff! LOL! So glad you're following me too!

mandi @ vintage revivals said...

Hey Mary thanks for stopping by Vintage Revivals! Wow I am so impressed with your awesome skills! You guys are crazy!

love your guts