One Chair, Thirty Different Looks

A while ago we decided to clean out one of our storage sheds in hopes we could cut down on our expenses (…um ya, it sounded like a good idea anyway). That’s when we got a call from our friend Tammy. “Look ladies I just went through the drive-thu at Wendy’s and they’re getting rid of like 30 chairs, you might want to get down there!” Before she was even done talking I was in the car, pushing some red headed kid out of the way and high tailing my ass into the dumpster. Three trips later we had all the chairs (and about 5 tables) in our newly cleaned out storage shed (so much for saving some money, right?).
Maggie testing out our chairs. Looks like church in the shed!

So, these are the first of the those chairs. What I LOVE is how one chair (style wise) can take on so many different looks, as you’ll see over the next couple months. I'll periodically post "Wendy’s Chairs”postings. They'll be the same style chair but different colors, different fabrics, and different designs creating a whole new look. These black ones we did for the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival.

SIDENOTE:  We had a great time at The Syracuse A & C Fest (except for the rain out on Friday); we met amazing fellow crafters, artists and customers and learned so much from a variety of people (Thanks Ralph for all the tent help!). Saturday & Sunday the weather was beautiful and the traffic was nonstop.  We handed out hundreds of business cards, talked about custom orders with people and made a lot of business contacts (look for our work to possibly be in a shop near you soon). We hope that they will have us back next year. One great prospect that came out of it is this; I will be The Artist in Residence at the NYS Fair September 1, 2011! How cool is that! From 11-3 I will be painting furniture, doing a demo, and doing Q & A, which is sure to be very exciting. (Okay, honestly, I’m really nervous.)

Anyway, back to the chairs…I kept them in the same color palette, but changed up the seat pattern and the design on the back, this way they could be sold as a group or someone could purchase just one if they liked. 

The next set I did was white, with red & white seats, very classic looking. Then white chairs with an aqua, tan and white fabric…sigh, to die for. So, like I said, look for these posts soon.  I’ll be putting them in as I get them done. They look so much different then the black ones, but they are the SAME style chair-it’s really cool.

Oh, and here’s another B&A (Before & After) that doesn’t require a whole blog post of its own but I thought you’d like to see it. This cute lil’ bar stool sold at the Syracuse A & C Fest as well, and I must admit I was sad to see it go. I really liked it that much. Perhaps I’ll have to make one just for myself. Found the stool at the Thrifty shopper for $2, LOVE IT! Simple, but chic…

Happy Painting,

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Renee Schuls-Jacobson said...

Awesome! I love the black chairs! Plus, I always love when they are whimsical and not all matchy-matchy. Awesome that they are unified in color and style.

I am so excited that you are going to be the Artist in Residence at the Fair. Tell me where and when. We will try to be there. So happy for you. Good things for you and Maggie.

And not for nothin' but I could use a fun chair for my kitchen... but it would require you to come here for inspiration. ;-)

Fenter said...

Your storage area looks like mine did before we moved overseas. I kept some things and donated a lot, and still brought quite a bit with me to the Middle East. Good thing as there are no art supplies (wood) here.

Monica said...

Wish I were closer as i would have loved to see your work at the craft show. it is so fabulous.

Lucy Designs said...

I love all the black and white ones! and LOVE the stool with the bird. How cool...the artist in residence thing...that sounds fun!

Becolorful said...

Huge score for you but for me too. I get to see what you do with all that artistic awesomeness 30 times over. I think we need to see each and every one. :)

Things just happen for a reason. Aren't you glad you at least had the space cleared out so you had the room? You just live right. :)