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3 friends since elementary school: Me, Chuck & Renee

Today’s post is just a little something different. I’m mixing it up a bit, taking you away from the painting projects and showing you a little snip-it of who I am.  Today, I am guest posting on my wonderful friend Renee Jacobson’s blog called, Lessons from Teachers and Twits.  

Renee’s is an English professor, author, mom, and grammar guru, (as a matter of fact she’s probably correcting my grammar as we speak) and her blog is filled with witty stories of life lessons and meaningful narratives that will entertain, as well as inform you.  As you’ll read, Renee and I have been friends, well…forever, and when she asked me to guest post on her blog about a “teacher experience” I was honored to do so. Of course my teacher experience had to do with my most favorite art teacher!

Carl Wenzel taught me that one great lesson you will hear me repeat often throughout this blog, “Some of your biggest artistic mistakes will turn out to be some of your best creative work.” He made me love art and want to see things from a different perspective.

So, hop on over to Lessons from Teachers and Twits and read how this remarkable teacher changed my life and influenced the artist I am today. Please, leave me a comment about your “favorite teacher” experience; I’d love to hear it! While you’re there why not leave Renee some love too, you’d be doing yourself a favor, honestly, she hasn’t been my friend for close to 3 decades because she’s boring people! LOL!


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Renee Schuls-Jacobson said...

Thanks Mare!

I love that we were able to collaborate on this. I hope your hand is doing okay, and that maybe you'll make a certain someone (ahem) respond to comments for you during the course of the time your post is live.

Do you want to explain about the picture sometime? Or should I? LOL!