Wow! We've Been Busy People!

Nope! I am not complaining! AT ALL! But it has kept me from my blog a little longer then I like and it has kept me from doing my "larger pieces" but I am soooo grateful for all the traffic that has been coming through our Etsy store lately!

But first let me catch you up to speed on some of our changes for 2012! The biggest one is we decided to change our name to MOLLICArt: Functional Art & Home Decor.  Now, if you follow me on Face Book or Twitter you may have already known about this change, but if not, then let me explain.  My wonderful friend Renee, who is an author (Lessons From Teachers & Twits) and professor, introduced me to another wonderful author and social & promotional guru, named Kristen Lamb. Kristen Lamb (highly) suggests that a successful businesses tactic is to market yourself.  Have your business name contain your personal name if possible-in other words-YOU are your brand. Now, of course I'm summing this all up rather quickly-she says it in much more articulate and sophisticated terminology, but pretty much that's the gist.  After some thought, I said, "I'm going to do this!" Yes, I said it loud, just like that too.  So, I creatively took my last name, Mollica (Moe-lee-ka) and merged it with "art"...and voila!

Well it's been crazy.  I had to make a whole new Face Book Page, because you cant just switch the name, which really stinks because I had ( HAD!) 700 followers. Have you ever tried to get 700 people to follow you anywhere! Sigh.....Yes, I just flopped my head on the table! It-is-so-hard.  I started a new blog under MOLLICArt too,but I didn't take this one down because I didn't want the same thing to happen here. So, for awhile, I'll double post. I know it'll be awhile before it's all straightened out, but I really think in the long run it's a better business decision.

I was lucky that Etsy  was gracious enough to allow me to just change my name (although I have had to change my watermarks on my pictures in the shop!).  Okay, I hear you, enough whining! See,that's what I love about you guys, you always slap me back into reality!Moving on!

We have been so busy with a bunch of new little things in the store! Jewelry boxes, Mirrors, Purses etc...

We've also added a new section to the store called "Painted for Charity".  Every month we honor a charity and when that item is purchased a part of its proceeds goes to the designated charity. For example: February is National Heart Health Month. We have a painted heart box in the shop (which is really cute btw) and when you purchase it, part of the proceeds goes towards the National Heart Association. OR February is also National Children's Dental Month, purchase our Tooth Fairy Boxes and 10% goes towards The National Dental Association.  Every month is a different item & different charity.

Please know, there will be big things coming soon! I have been working on them in between all the "little" stuff!  I'll keep you posted promise! In the mean time, please go check out the new Face Book Page (if you haven't already. OR Twitter or even on Pinterest!

OH...And on a personal note...recently they held open auditions here in Syracuse, for the movie Adult World with Emma Roberts. My oldest son (I have 5 kids) tried out and got a part in the movie! An actual paid part! We are so excited! Lots of exciting things going on here!  Hope there are a lot of good things going on in your world!

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Renee Schuls-Jacobson said...

Holy crap! I didn't even know you gave me a shout out!

You have to let people know when you do cool things like that! At least tweet me or something! The page looks phenomenal.

I just posted this on my FB page. I think the world needs to know about all the cool stuff that you do. And I'm so glad that you have all your pieces-parts in one place.

this will be so much easier.

Eventually you'll get your numbers back. Herding cats, babe. Herding cats. Come and say hi to some of my people. They like to endorse other cool mommas.

And congrats to your son on his audition. Fabulous!


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

You have a great whimsical look. Very unique.

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Hi Mary
Best of luck with your new MOLLICArt branding. Your work is great under any name!

Monica said...

Love to follow you. you don't bore us everyday with cleaning brushes or selling stuff, just the right amount of posts to whet the appetite and wish we could see you furniture for real.

Becolorful said...

Okay, if life ever slows down I really need to pick your brain. I'm so over Typepad but changing anything and taking it to the next level just never seems to happen for me. So proud of you and what you are doing. How did you do the Hepburn thing. A stencil or vinyl? Would love to know. I really think it is cool.

Bliss said...

Even your paint brushes are cute! And if that's you son in that photo, gorgeous!