Get 'R Done

Hey Everyone! Yep, it's me! Long time no see, lol! As a lot of you, my life has been crazy busy. I have been so busy in fact, I had to shut down my Etsy store temporarily just to get caught up on orders and create inventory for the two upcoming shows we have in July.  Plus, just to mix things up a bit, I'll be starting a new job as a Kindergarten Teacher (at a private school) next week.  Don't worry though, I'll be doing MOLLICArt on the side. I know, you're laughing at me! "On the side" you say! But really, I love these projects and NEED to do them, you know what I'm saying people, so giving it up, would actually be bad for my health. I've got to keep plugging along-I've gotta just, "Get 'R Done!

Which leads me to my latest custom project....This was a custom order for two really cute little kids, who are absolutely MAD for John Deere!  I created a pink and floral one for the little girl Emma...

and a green, traditional one for Joey!

Then there wonderful Aunt, decided to have me design a small purse & briefcase to match.  Emma loves her dog Minnie, so her purse was adorned in doggy designs and Joey's briefcase, ALL JD!

Well, this was a short one, but we still have a lot going on else where.  Come find us on Pinterest or follow on our Facebook pages; MOLLICArt or The-Decorative-Paintbrush so you don't miss all our comings and goings! In the midst of all this hulabloo, I'm painting the living room (hot pink), the hallway (lime-green stripes) and turning the steps into a funky piece of art work-so stay tuned!
 Thanks again for always sticking with me.  

Happy Painting,



Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Hi Mary, it's good to see you post a few things again! Best of luck with the new teaching job.

Miss Thang said...

You have been awarded by me with the Liebster Blog Award... go to the link to get recognized..