My How You've Aged

Most of the time, when you guys/gals click on over here you expect to be hit in the face with bold colors, funky patterns and an eclectic mix of ideas, but every once in awhile I'm commissioned to do a piece like the one above and I want to share it with you.

Do you remember, a couple posts back I did a rather large "Earthy Armoire"

Well, this same customer also asked me if I could coordinate her outdated TV stand with her large jewelry box in her bedroom. I laughed wildly, "Hahahahaha!" And flipped back my hair and said, "Of course I can!" Yah, I know...that would've been pretty creepy and she probably would have kicked me out, so I just replied, "sure thing."

This piece would be going on the side of their bed, as her husband's night stand.  She had tried to find pieces to match at a variety of stores but couldn't find one she liked, and that's when she thought about the TV stand that had just been collecting dust downstairs.

As with the armoire this was a piece of French Provincial furniture that she had inherited from her mom.  She loved the sentimental value but wasn't fond of the "style" so she opted to salvage the piece and have it redone.

I color matched the piece upstairs and settled on Sweet Basil from Benjamin Moore .  It was the same color that I had used on the armoire. 

I know, looking at it now it seems pretty, well...GREEN!  But, you have to remember we are going to put a dark stain over the finished project, so don't panic!

I painted the center pieces a dark tan then darkened them around the perimeter with Bittersweet Chocolate to look as if they had been aged.

I then repainted the flower on the corner.  Again don't freak out about the bright colors, the stain will darken everything-I promise.

Using a dark walnut stain from Minwax I started applying the color with a rag all over the entire piece.

Now, you should wear latex gloves when you're staining, because I love the look of  "mechanic" hands when I'm done, said no one EVER!  It's a mess to get off your fingers and out from under your nails!  It takes literally days!  But I had forgotten the gloves that day, so I had to suck it up and take one for the team! What I wont do for creativity. Sigh...

After putting stain on the top and

and sides, I was pretty impressed with how it was looking.  

When staining over paint try hard not to go in circles.  Go with the grain of the wood.  

Once it's stained get a little bit on your finger (with the rag securely pulled over it)  and gently streak it down making it look like it's wood that took the stain finish differently.   

Then I worked it into the flower-see how much better that looks now.

After, I was finished staining the whole piece, Patti came out and said, "Oh God, I really don't think I like the beige in the center?  I think I want it just green? What do you think?"  

First, I fell back and hit my head on the floor several times.  I smiled and said, " did want it to match your jewelry box?  But I must admit I'm not feeling the tan either."  "Okay, paint it green."  So, that's just what I did.  I went back into the tan areas and repainted them with the Sweet Basil.  Then aged them again with the brown and went back in with the stain to darken even further.  

The picture above kind of gives you an idea of what each step looks like.

I then took a small paint brush and went deep into the crevices to create an even darker look, keeping in mind that I needed to feather out the "over stain" as it pooled over the top.  The great thing about stain over paint is, you have some time to work with it.  It doesn't dry right away, so if something drips there's time to blend it in.

When we finished the piece we had to let it dry a couple days before applying the Minwax Lacquer to seal it.  Like I said before, stain, when applied over paint, takes longer to dry. Let's say that one more time shall we...

We then dusted off any lint/dust that had settled on the piece and used the "brush on" lacquer for the top, just because it gives you a thicker coat and that's the spot that gets the most wear and tare. But we then used the spray on the rest of the piece.

So, there you have it. What do you think?  Would you have kept the tan centers or do you like the way the green looks?

Please, leave a comment.  I love to know what you're thinking!  Or you if you have a question, and require a response, please leave your e-mail, I can't always connect through blogger.  OR you can inbox me on my FaceBook Page if you'd like.  I will get back to you ASAP.  

I have no problem sharing what I know, so ask away :)  It may not always be the way everyone else is doing it , but its what works for me and I'm happy to share it with you.

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els manning said...

love it! I am totally smitten with the color green. It is super cool, and i love the idea of using un conventional side of bed tables. Good idea! Have a super weekend!

Patti-Ann said...

You're a good sport Charlie Brown, um, I mean Mary :)

Both versions are great but I do like the version closer to the jewelry stand more.

It's a hard thing to put your full heart into BOTH times with a smile. You get a big blue star for that one today :)

Patti-Ann said...

oops, I would like to add that I think the flower on both versions is absolutely awesome and my favorite part of the whole adventure. I love flowers :)