A Much Needed Face Lift

When I found this little side table it was just screaming out for love! It had been outside for awhile, you could just tell. The red paint was chipping and peeling so badly my fingers turned red every time I touched it. To the regular person driving by it looked awful, but to a crazy person like me…well, you know the story. I took this piece home and marinated on it awhile. I took a small piece of sand paper to it and instantly realized I was going to need a mask. Now you see, I hate wearing masks! I know all you good, follow the rules, Type A personalities would always wear a mask, but no, not me, I like to live dangerously (plus, it fogs my glasses). But as the paint turned into this big ball of red dust, I thought to myself, “Mar, you need to get the mask”. The paint was really old and I wasn’t sure if it was lead based, and seeing that I’m not that brave, I had to PUT ON THE MASK! Well, about a half hour later it was done, I ripped the mask off and breathed in fresh air. Okay, how many times can I say the word mask? Are you getting the picture on how much I hate it!

Maggie tightened all the loose spots, she’s good at all the “husband” stuff, we primed it and finally it was ready to paint. Again, I decided to go with a faux leather finish on the top. This works great with furniture that has seen its share of hard times; it covers a multitude of sins, if you know what I mean. Working with the brown top, I used complimentary colors of olive green, pink, white and gold metallic. Then painted small rose buds all around the outside. I introduced some animal print on the leg and of course the black & white checks. Then I brought the leather faux into the base to bring the piece together.

For a little bit of whimsy, I added some embellishments. Three bronze medallions on the top that spell out the word F-U-N and another medallion on the bottom center, where the legs come together.

This really turned out to be a nice piece, if I do say so myself. I was really pumped with the end result! What do you think?

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