Rosey's Room

This weekend has been a great weekend for us in regards to finding furniture! A couple of pieces on the side of the road & 2 pieces at the Thrifty Shopper! I know I get excited about the silliest things!

As always I’m letting them marinate in the studio, but I’ve already started to dream about what they could be…so many ideas, so little time! Look for them coming soon...

But back to reality…This piece that I did a couple months ago started out as a dusty, old piece we found at a garage sale. This was before I let things sit around before I painted, and I jumped right in, right when I got home, but the design was nothing I wanted. Frustrated with it, I just put it aside for awhile. One night when I couldn’t sleep very well, the piece came back to me. Usually my work is very strong, bold and extremely colorful, but I wanted to try something new, something softer, and that’s when I thought, Rosey’s room.

My daughter Hannah “Rosey” is my third daughter, baby of 5, and I was bound and determined to get her nursery painted before we brought her home. Problem was, I was 8 months pregnant. I had painted the walls a light yellow already, but wanted something to reflect her personality, but what was her personality? So a very pregnant me, sat in her room 2 days before she was born and thought about what I wanted the walls to say about my little girl. Roses! I wanted roses. My Rosey would be sweet & soft like a rose petal. I proceeded to sponge the walls in a darker yellow, and then added hints of whites to create a soft faux finish. I then painted delicate pink roses all over the room, the end result was beautiful.

Well, today Hannah Rose is 12, the walls have long since been repainted blue and instead of soft flowers are posters of the Jonas Brothers. My once soft rose petal is now a preteen, and that is a style all within itself.

So, when it came to painting this piece, Rosey’s room was what came to mind. I added the stripes for interest, as well as, a little black. Someone told me once you should always add a little black (to a room, to a piece etc…) to “ground it” and so far, that has always worked for me. This piece is dedicated to that beautiful girl I brought home 12 years ago, who was a soft as a rose petal :)

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