The Starbucks Chair

A few years ago the Starbucks around the corner from me, decided they needed to remodel. Lucky me! Now, for those of you that know me, you know I can’t stand coffee, the smell is fantastic, especially Hazelnut, but to drink it, grouse! So, how did you find out about the remodel, you ask?

Well, I have everyone I know on the lookout for furniture, including my ex-husband! Yep, ex-husband! Believe it or not, we’re really good friends, now that we aren’t married anymore. Well, anyway, he is a coffee addict! He probably paid for the remodels in Starbucks, he drinks so much coffee. For Jer, life without Starbucks is the closest thing to hell.

So, I get this call about how they’re getting rid of these chairs and do I want them. Well, Dugh! So, he scoops up a couple for me and delivers them right to my door. How’s that for service? I couldn’t have gotten him to do that when we were married. They were a bit worn from all the lounging coffee drinkers, with their crossword puzzles and biscotti, but they were still sturdy. They just needed some “Funk”.

The chair you see here is the last one I had. I love the way the seat is round, the possibilities for a cool design are endless. I also find the flow of the legs interesting, they sort of twist into each other. The color palette I chose is one of my favorite combinations too. Plum & olive green, to me anyway, look fantastic together. I accented with gold metallic paint, for me Ralph Lauren works the best, which brought a little richness to the piece. The end result is a classy, yet, whimsical design.

But the moral to this story is not the actual design, it’s this; you never know where you’ll find furniture. Always, be on the look out! Even if it means becoming friends with your ex-husband, do it!

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Hopeful Housewife said...

love the colors on this chair! Very cute!