The Small Stuff

Most of my "redos" involve larger pieces of furniture. Truth be told, it's what I love best, but from time to time I run into a small item that catches my attention, and I just cant pass it by. Hence the title, "The Small Stuff".

The small stuff is usually what sells at craft shows. People want a little piece of pretty, for not too much money. One thing I do is always add embellishments to things, jazz 'um up a bit, and these little pieces are no exception.

I added "Imagine" to the small mirror, because it made me think of my 3 girls. I wanted them, or any other lil' girl, to be able to look into this mirror, and imagine all the possibilities, all the things they could be! I didn't want them to see what the world told them was there, but what they envisioned themselves looking like.

This larger mirror, was one of those mistakes turned cool piece of art.
We had a cheap $5 mirror that hung on our wall in the hallway, and one day the white plastic trim pulled of, well when we went to replace the mirror, half the sheet rock came off with it, leaving a big plaster repair job, that neither Maggie, nor I, had time to tackle. Instead, I did have time (because it's funner) to decoupage this extra craft wood, and created a really cool frame for the mirror, hiding the eye sore, and creating a great conversation piece for the hallway.

So, the next time your out at a thrift store or even about to throw out that little "whatchmacallit" think again at how it could be reinvented and put to good use!

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