Things To Inspire

I'm always on the look out for anything "Flea Market" "Do it Yourself" or "Thrifty Style Decorating" magazine, so you can just about imagine how excited I was when i discovered this one at the local grocery store.  At first, I was leery about spending $10 on a magazine, but after much debate (with myself in the produce section) I decided it was something I couldn't live without, so I treated myself, and am, oh so glad I did!  I devoured it as soon as I got home.  I locked my bedroom door, shut out the kids, the dogs and got comfortable (in my pajama bottoms and over sized sweatshirt, cause when I say comfortable, I mean comfortable). Cover to cover, page to page, I couldn't put it down. Not, only did it have wonderful and innovative ideas, it had some fantastic websites, blog sites and information (I've listed a couple of them at the end of this post).  I love taking the time to read books & visit other creative web sites. It gives me such a boost of enthusiasm. Sometimes I even take a computer day.  Computer day?  Yep, that's what I've named it and this is how it works...During the month I collect different books from the library, and gather different magazines that catch my attention.  I pile them on my nightstand, until they are about to topple over, and then, just before the stack hits the floor, I read. I grab my notebook and dive in.  I collect ideas, web-pages, blog-spots anything that is of interest and jot it in the notebook.  Then, when i have down time, say at a lacrosse game, soccer game, dentist appointment etc....(and yes, i know, it's pretend down time, but you've got to make it when you can) I pull out the notebook and check out a few websites.  I also keep the notebook full of drawings and ideas to give me inspiration when I am stuck on a piece.  Someday, I will write my own book, but until then, I blog!

Oh, and just a side note: "What do you do with all those magazines" you ask? They go into a huge box in my studio and are clipped apart for various collage & journaling projects. Waste not, I always say! But this magazine has earned a spot on my desk shelf, where I can refer back to it often!

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