A Sports Table With a Twist of Cuteness

Like I’ve said before, most of the furniture I paint is salvaged, but this little telephone stand that I discovered at an unfinished wood store is too cute to pass up! There are so many things you can do with it! So many styles! So many themes! So many…okay, so I need to calm down! But really, the possibilities are endless!

Recently I had a customer from the University of Oklahoma e-mail me and ask if I could do a table based on a college dish, (yes, like a plate you eat off of) that she had fallen in love with. Yep, I get strange requests! Well, I am always up for a challenge, so she sent me a picture of the plate and off we went. Just to mix things up even further she sent me another e-mail that said, “Hey could you put some Zebra print in there as well, because that is what my room is mainly decorated in.” “No problem!” I said, as my face twisted into a grimace. I always say sure, without really thinking about it, but when it comes time to actually sit down and paint, I’m like, “what?”

I found myself in the same position as the country table I talked about in my last blog post. I had all these funky elements, and needed to put them all together to create a wonderful side table for this customer’s dorm room! So again, the “blender” treatment! Throw everything in, pulsate for two to four bursts, and then pour it out! All her requirements, colors and patterns, mixed into one consolidated and cohesive piece!

This piece came out looking so cool it got me thinking (no smart comments about how much it hurt me). What if I actually offered this as a “sports” themed piece in my store? I could do college, professional, and heck, even little league! I have a craft show this weekend, thought it would be a great place to try this piece out and see how it does. I went with a Syracuse University theme (seeing as I live in Syracuse). Maggie wasn’t happy that I “dolled” the table up, but hey, there are female sports enthusiasts, right? She thought it should be more masculine (really, I don’t have any “boy” stuff). When she saw it she said, “You just can’t help yourself, can you?” “I can’t!” I shouted (in sort of a whining, 5 yr. old voice), and we both started laughing.

I love the “heart & wings” it shows up on a lot of my things, like my checks and circles, it’s something that is sort of a trademark of mine, and although the table started out masculine, I had to (couldn’t control myself actually) put wings on it!

But, if you wanted to purchase one in the shop, and wanted it masculine, I would refrain and not include the wings, or perhaps Maggie might have to actually hide the hearts and wings!


Monica said...

Not only is your work whimsical it is executed perfectly. As a dabbler in painting furniture I have to say you are skilled and imaginative. Yours is the best I have seen.
Now to try and do the chair that has been left around for year!

Mrs. Wifey said...

You are so creative

Mary said...

Thanks you so much you guys! And thank you for following me here!