From Dresser Drawer to Fancy Storage

I LOVE DRAWERS! Any drawer, any size! They’re so versatile and there are so many really cool things that you can use them for.
There are many times I pass an old desk, or dresser on the side of the road that is beyond my tender loving care, but the drawers are salvageable. I pluck each one, no matter what size, and stack ‘um in the shed.

Like I’ve showed you before, the larger ones I use as pet beds or for bigger storage (pet toys, blankets and magazines) but the smaller ones are created into a variety of storage containers. You can use them for…

• Remote controls
• Incoming/Outgoing Mail
• Jewelry
• Keys & pocket junk
• Potpourri & pinecones
• Decorative Soaps
• Collectables
• Desk/Office Supplies
• Cotton Balls/Q-tips
• Rolled up hand towels
• Makeup/Nail polish
• Recipes
• Fruit/Veggies
• Picnic Items
• Napkin Holder
• Homework supplies
• Small toys (Barbie/Brat shoes & accessories)
• Loose game pieces (or make your own game using dice or cards)
• Create an art center (crayons, glue sticks, scissors etc…)

The list is endless! I get old discarded wallpaper books from the paint store we do business at. These are great for lining the insides of the drawers. You can even decoupage the insides with decorative paper, use shelf lining paper or even tiles. We even did one in corks & bottle caps and used them as serving trays.

So let your imagination run wild! And the next time you pass that old dresser that seems to be unsalvageable, take a look at the drawers. They may have been protected from the elements and are in great shape!


Anonymous said...

So if I purchase a cool hand-painted drawer and I put the bills in there, will they actually get paid because they will suddenly be more fun to touch? ;-)

This has worked with my dishes. I love my Fiestaware, and I LOVE to touch my plates. It's kind of warped.

Maybe time to try one of your drawers to do all my yuckiest chores. Maybe I'll feel inspired. It has worked before! Love the one with the big flower and the heart pull!

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Hi!I saw your blog addresson someone's commet page, and was drawn to the blogname.

This is right up my alley. Plus...I have seveal empty and loose drawers in my garage! I amnot an artist, but I'm going to try something with them..
I am following now.

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

So seems my keyboard is faulty. Please excuse all the mistakes in the above comment.

Mary said...

Suzanne! Thanks for stopping in and thanks for the compliments! I hope you DO find some insperation here on these pages! Please follow me on FaceBook too and post pics of your finished products, I'd love to see them! And don't sweat the keyboard! Mine stick sometimes too! Have a great day! Peace-Mary

Becolorful said...

Oh wow. I've been blogging for two years and I haven't been here yet. I've been visiting blogs tonight via DIY and then I came upon yours and it was love at first sight. I also like to alter things and change them up in a rather unorthodox way so it is always fun to find someone else that sees the world a bit like I do. I will be following I'm sure. Can't wait to have a look around. :0
Pam @ beColorful

gail said...

I love drawers too! Yours look great.
thanks for linking up to my party.

Mary said...

Thanks Gail! Big compliment coming from you! @Becolorful, so glad you found me, it's fun to mix things up isn't it. I'll have to hop on over and check out your page as well! Have a great day ladies!

Midwest Cottage and Finds! said...

wow! you are one very talented woman...thanks for stopping by my blog and turning me on to yours...i love them--both! your colors are fantastic.....i cantstop looking....

Mary said...

@Chris-You're making me blush! LOL! Thank you very much! And thank you for taking the time to look around. I appreciate all the feed back. Peace-M

Deborah March said...

Okay, FOUR cups of coffee housework dinner prepared...have LOVED my romp through your blog, and have become a follower so I won't miss anything else!! INSPIRATION-PLUS!! Now maybe I won't be such a chicken to paint some of my mush-loved-much-aged pieces! Thanks for all the GREAT instructions all over your blog!!