The Stylish Blogger Award

Friday I was pleasantly surprised with a Stylish Blogger Award from Pamela of Becolorful Although, Pamela and I are new admirers of each other’s work we are like kindred spirits, both in love with color and funky designs.

So, I was honored when she passed on this award to me, but along with this wonderful award comes the task of coming up with 7 things that are interesting about me! LOL! Now…although, I’d love for all of you to think I live this fabulously exotic, artistically filled, culturally charged life, I’m afraid I don’t. Oh, my life is extremely busy, some days it’s practically insane, but interesting? Hmmmm….

Well, here are the 7 things I could come up with! Hold onto your hats, and have a seat, you my friends are in for a crazy ride….Here we go!

1. I have 5 kids! Yep, you heard me 5! They range in age from 24-13 (2 boys/3girls) You can read all about us in our other blog I started writing the blog in order to keep track of all the craziness that goes on in our life, and boy does it get crazy! Actually we should have a reality TV show…Not to be full of myself, but you’d tune in, you really would! We’re that crazy!

2. I love to write! Four years ago I completely finished my first romance novel Vanilla Summer. Its 34 chapters and I loved writing it. It’s partially based on my own life. I think we all have a book inside of us, we just need to get it out on paper! Now, trying to find an agent that’s been the hardest part of the process. I’m also working on a poetry book with my 13 yo., (Mom, Me & Poetry ) she writes amazing poetry and I’m doing the illustrations to go along with it. I’m also pitching another book on, you guessed it, redoing furniture! In the mean time these blogs plus our other business blog keep me writing weekly!

3. My formal education… Although I have an AS in Art, my BS is actually in Psychology/Special Education. I spent very little time in a classroom though, because just after I finished up my education Maggie and I started our 1st business. (That $40,000 degree actually helped me navigate the special education system for my own children though, so it wasn’t a total wash, LOL!)

4. I collect a lot of things. My two favorites are Crosses and Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty speaks to the little girl in me, the crosses are beautiful & symbolic. My kids think its creepy.

5. I’ve started 2 businesses from scratch. 2 Women and a Paintbrush started in 2003 and has raised a family of 7 which in today’s economy, ROCKS! We are women owned and operated which says a lot, since this particular area of work is pretty much dominated by men, but Maggie and I hold our own! We have learned a lot, met a lot of great people and have grown both professionally and personally in so many ways. The Decorative Paintbrush is our love child :D

6. I’m addicted to tattoos! I have 3 (getting my 4th in a couple weeks)! Although I am not brave enough to do a whole sleeve or anything like that, I love little, personal ones. Ones that show up all over the place when you least expect them. You know the kind, on a wrist, behind the ear. I believe they should be personal too, have meaning. The one on my wrist: Kanji symbols for artist. One on my ankle: My favorite bible verse 1 Cor 13:8 “Love Never Fails", I got it for my middle daughter, when we were going through some struggles. Then the one on my arm that symbolizes the 2 most important things in my life: Faith & Family. My fourth one will be on the back of my neck: hearts with wings and “te voglio bene” underneath, which my grandmother used to say to me “I love you” in Italian. I always put the wings and heart on all my furniture too, because it reminds me of her, it’s symbolic for me, she was a great lady.

7. And finally number seven…..I HATE rude people! HATE, HATE, HATE! There is just no reason for it. I have such a low tolerance for rudeness and ignorance; it would blow your mind! LOL! Not that I’m Ms. Susie Sunshine, Rose Colored Glasses Lady, cause I can be as ornery as the rest of ya, but I just think that this world is awful enough on its own , and if we just tried a little bit harder, to be just a little bit nicer, things might be just a little bit better…are you feeling me people :D

Okay, so that’s my service announcement part of the quest!

So, remember to stop by and see Pamela @ then make your way over to these 10 fabulous people! I will be bestowing this wonderful award onto them next. Please, if you get a chance check them out, you'll be doing yourself a favor. Some you may have seen before, some you may have not, but they are all worthy of your LOVE! LOL! Later, everybody! gives great tips, before and after pictures on the redoings (is that a word?) of people's homes! Chrissie has fantastic, colorful signs, that you will just love! Her book is outstanding and a must have! Gail is amazing! Always posting something new! I'm sure you've all heard of her! This blog, although not a craft blog is a wondeful advice blog on school, parenting and teaching. Renee is a dear friend and a wonderful teacher you'll enjoy her stuff! Although my work is wild and colorful, I do have a softer side and secretly love washed out whites and romantic fabrics. This blog speaks to that. Chrissie does really great things with once loved furniture too! Great blog! Fun & funky ideas for vintage stuff! You knew I'd have a lot of furniture redo blogs right! These guys have some really fresh ideas to take a look at. Oodles and Oodles of amazing craft ideas Okay, one more amazing furniture artist!


Becolorful said...

Not sure whar surprised me more, the five kids or writing a book. Yay you.
So fun to learn a bit more about you.

rasjacobson said...

Mary! I never saw this! Thank you for pointing people toward my bloggie! I love following all of yours!