Syracuse University Chair

 As promised here is chair #2!  If you remember it started out looking like this:

 And ended up looking like this.

 How cute is this little guy?  He’s Otto, Syracuse University’s orange mascot. 

Just a quick note; I had someone ask me a really great question on how I do the stripes and here’s what I told her, maybe it’ll help, who knows, it’s just a little trick to make life easier.  We could all use easier, right? 

Once you have your tape in place (and you can use Frog Tape or Scotch Blue I really have no preference, they both work well. But I've found cheaper ones really stink, so get something more towards the top shelf) you will paint, your first coat, whatever your base coat is.  What happens is the first coat A.) Bleeds the most, so if you’re using the same color no one will see the bleed. B.) The first coat seals the tape not allowing more paint to bleed under. For instance in the case of this chair, I primed (let that sit a couple days), painted the rungs white (let that sit at least 48 hours) Then taped and painted white as my first coat between my tape lines.  Once dry I went back and painted blue (at least 5 coats).  Let that all sit over night and removed my tape the next day.  Now, like I told my friend this isn't full proof.  I did have SOME touch ups but not nearly as many as I would have (especially when doing a white/dark stripe).  We've used this technique on walls too and it really works.  I also let my tape sit over night before I pull it off which helps with less bleed and peeling. AND, I use Benjamin Moore Interior paints which helps because the paint is thick-the waterier it is the more bleeding can occur. 

So there you have it…Here's the next piece in Santa’s workshop…so look for "reveal" in the next week.

Again, this is going to be a Syracuse University inspired chair for my friends classroom!  So, get ready for some more orange and blue!

Happy Painting! Mary

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