Another Syracuse University Fan!

Here’s that rocking chair I've been squawking about all over town!  When I picked it up from my friend Karen’s second grade classroom it was, shall we say, in dire need of some lovin’!  Or maybe that was the problem it had been “LOVED” to death. I’m sure it had been in her possession for quite some time, either that or her second graders are a pretty rowdy bunch (which, if you've ever experienced a second grader, you know it's a distinct possibility). So, she contacted me for an upgrade and you all know I never shy away from a good challenge.

Let me tell you something about my friend Karen, she is an avid SU (Syracuse University) fan and every year, without fail, she incorporates "March Madness" into her lesson plans.  Now, most of the time SU makes it into the highly anticipated basketball tournament (most of the time, being the key word here) but that doesn't stop Karen's loyalty. So being the die-hard fan that she is, she wanted the chair to reflect her team spirit. BUT, other than it having the universities colors (orange, blue & white) and the school mascot (Otto the orange guy), she pretty much gave me artistic range.  I absolutely LOVE when people give me artistic range. First off, that word is just sexy to me “artistic range” sounds so chic and sophisticated.  Secondly, I love when people respect my judgment, my work, enough to say, “Hey I trust you. Do your magic girlfriend!” So I did, and this is how it turned out!

I think Karen was very pleased with the end result! She wouldn't even let the kids go near it! Hahaha! We’ll see how long that lasts!  Good thing we’re such good friends-she can always call me for touch-ups!

Here are the next two pieces on the chopping block.  These I got over the summer at a garage sale; $15 for the pair! FANFREAKINGTASTIC! I live for a good bargain.  And the best part of these two pieces is that they are going to be my design choice and my color choice, free artistic range at its finest!

Happy Holidays all! Have a joyous time with your families! I know I will. Peace!

Happy Painting! Mary

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Pam Jackson said...

Wow...the chair turned out great. And I love the little tables.