Miniature Table for 2


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It's been a little bit since I last posted but please know I have been VERY busy! Our Etsy Store has been booming!  So, that means I haven't had a lot of time for custom  orders.  I miss painting furniture so much! I truly do.  Don't get me wrong painting the smaller items in our store is fun, but furniture is therapeutic and gets my creative mind moving.  I'm working on a bunch of other pieces right now, so hopefully I'll have more pieces to post very soon.

We first did two tables for Mike (are wonderful friend from the paint store) a couple of years ago.  They wanted these two missed matched pieces to come together with a fresh and funky look for their daughter who was getting her own place.

Once finished they looked like this.  The pictures aren't that great, we remembered to take them just before they picked them up, but you sort of get the idea.

Now they were ready for their 3rd piece!  Love these people!

This was the inspiration piece. The patterns didn't need to be identical but they really liked the color palette/combination. 

You can't see it in the picture below but the leg on this piece had been repaired at one time and had now come apart again.  We tried to fix it with Gorilla glue, but it didn't work.  We had to remove the leg, scrape the old glue off, nail it back into place and then secured it/ sealed it with a wood epoxy. It was quite a project, but after it "set up" it was like new.  When that was finished, we sanded the entire piece and primed it with Bullseye 1-2-3 primer from Zinsser, twice.

 The final piece looked like this.

The matching table is on deck next.  It's a bigger project then this smaller one.  Here's a sneak peek!

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