Grandma's Table: Stephanie's Remake

This is just a quick post on a recent redo I finally finished.  I forgot to take before pictures which KILLS me but I still wanted to share the end result with you.

We are moving into a new, larger studio, which has been so exciting and yet a tad bit overwhelming!  Who knew I had so much stuff.  Our house will finally be our home again and I can't wait.  We are moving into the Delavan Center in Downtown Syracuse.  

I have been taking a lot of pictures and can't wait to share the final reveal with my peeps!

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MaƂgorzata Margas said...

Beautiful :-)

The JR said...

You've given me some great ideas. My husband brought home a huge table with leaf that went thru a fire yesterday. The customer said throw it and the 12 chairs away.

No way. So what I want to do is paint the top. Maybe faux it with another darker shade of the same color.

Then I have a huge rearing horse stencil that I want to put in the middle of it. I also have a wild horse running stencil that I want to do at the ends of the table.

Love your blog.