LSD, Coffee & Tea Parties!

I often talk about how you can find inspiration in everything around you.  For this piece, it came from three different sources. When the three ideas combined, it created a unique and funky trio!

The first source:  I recently saw the movie "Alice in Wonderland".  I loved the animation, the bright colors, and the mear fact that I felt as is I were on LSD, without actually taking the drug! LOL! But really, I was inspired! So, when I thought about my next piece, it was that inspiration, that I drew from. 

Second source: It's funny because I am not a coffee drinker at all. I think I've told you that before, but I can't reiterate it enough!  But a lot of my pieces have a "coffee" theme to them.  I like the idea, I think? Sitting in a Starbucks and writing, it seems very "chic".  Sipping on Espresso, hammering away at the keyboard, while being consumed by the hearty aroma of coffee...are you there with me? Inhale! Agh, you smell it don't you!

Third source: As a little girl, as most of you have I'm sure, I would set up my stuffed animals and play "Tea Party"; Grape juice, cookies & dresses required.  I could play for hours.  When my little girls were born, they too carried on the tradition of Teddy Bear Tea Parties. And now as a mother, I could watch for hours, at the beauty of these little cherubs dishing out delicious treats and talking in their "munchkin voices" to there pretend guests. Siiiggggghhhh!

Okay, back to reality, my girls are now teenagers, I'm not going to Starbucks (to much painting to do) and although the LSD trip sounds promising some days, I need to get back to my point! This piece! Take all these three sources, throw them in a blender, pulse two times, and voila; this cute little table and chairs!

The table and chairs were not a set, but we made it one.  Using browns and pinks & white, as well as, similar patterns, made the separate pieces look as if they were always meant to be together.  All three pieces were found at the Thrifty Shopper, and painted with two coats of Benjamin Moore Paints (my personal preference).

So, the moral to this story, don't do LSD, drink coffee instead, and find insperation where ever you go!


Dianne said...

I love the coffee set and I'm enjoying your blog!

Mary said...

Dianne-Thanks so much!!!! I try to do a new piece every couple weeks, more if time allows! :) Thanks for reading!