Discarded to Distinguished

We found this piece in the back corner of the Thrifty Shopper, because the drawer was broken, it was sadly overlooked, but as always we saw past that, and anxiously scooped it up! After getting it home it went right into "Santa's Workshop" (that's what we affectionately call Maggie's spot in the studio).  This is where Maggie performs her magical transformations. Creatively fixing anything, and priming things for me, so that I have a wonderful canvas to work on.  In our house Maggie is MacGiver! She can fix anything! And furniture is no exception. She went right to work and quickly repaired the drawer, removed the old hardware, sanded it down and primed it with two coats of primer.

I started by painting a majority of this piece in Navajo White and trimming it out with Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic in Golden Candlestick.  I wanted to create a certain look. I wanted it to look like a piece that had been found in an old Italian Villa.  The color palette consisted of plums, golds, browns, and hunter green.  The harlequins on the top were "weathered" with a brown wash, and connected with the gold metallic paint at the corners, giving it a regal feel.

The sides and bottom shelf were then coated with Delta's Crackle paint, and again, brown paint was washed over the corners to make it looked aged.  See, once the crackle dries it creates small cracks, the brown paint is then washed over those cracks settling into the crevices. It's different then regular Crackle Paint, which is a 3 step process (base coat, crackle, top coat) and allows the base coat to show through the cracks. This is just like a glaze.  If you use a blow dryer it makes the cracks even finer, which once washed over, looks like aged porcelain.

As you know, I love filling up all the spaces with patterns but, Maggie encouraged me to keep this piece a bit more simple. Just some circles, checks and stripes.

I checked the knobs and added a tassle to the bottom drawer.

I loved the finished product!


Deborah March said...

Hmmm, can't figure put why this FAB table has no all by its lonely little self. I absolutely LOVE it...especially the harlequin top!! Seriously YUM!!!

Lisa of "The Creative Need" said...

I love this makeover!! I love all your work but this is especially nice!! Keep up the good work!