A Telephone Stand?

When I was growing up we had a phone, not a cellphone, but a real, plug in the wall! I can her the gasps from here! Its funny cause my children have never had a phone in their house, we all have cellphones! We even call each other from upstairs/downstairs, LOL! Which shows how lazy we all are! But how many of you, and I bet there are many, remember the good old rotary phone? They were so heavy!

When I designed this piece I kept that phone in mind.  I also love the Arts & Crafts designs of the 40's, so this little phone stand was inspired by the two.

I don't often buy a piece, outright, like in an actually "store". I love to upgrade things, plus its much more economical, but occasionally, I will stumble into my favorite "unfinished" wood store and pretty much wet myself over the possibilities.  There is something to be said for painting on beautiful, unfinished, untouched wood.  Sometimes with used things you have to be able to see through the grime, and brokenness. With new wood, its like a breath of fresh air, a clean slate.

So, on a recent visit to my store, looking for a piece for a client, I fell in love with this cute little stand.  I bought one for her (the pick/leopard print) and one to do to sell in my store.  The white one with the Arts & Crafts inspired top, is the one you'll see on my Etsy store I tweaked the design a bit, just to add a lil' of me to the piece (circles, embellishments etc...) so, its the 40's meets 2010!

These pieces can be ordered, so if you want something custom made, unique and personal, please contact me. Either at my Etsy store or by e-mail,

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