Grandma's Chair

On a recent trash run, Maggie and I scooped up this wonderfully old chair...Wait, let me back up. Whenever we are driving around (with 5 kids, you seem to do that a lot) we are always on the look out for furniture. Well, Maggie looks for furniture, I see anything on the curb, remotely looking like furniture, and I begin salivating, before we even get close enough to see if its even salvageable.

Hence, grandmas chair.  I saw this on the side of the road, picked it up (disregarding Maggie's rolling eyes and arched brow). Okay, so it needed work.  You see, since we have two fully packed storage units full of furniture, I promised Maggie, I would only pick up stuff that was really decent, that didn't require a lot of work., but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF PEOPLE! Its like a drug for me. 

I promised her I would paint it right away (I always say that), and even though she knew better, as always, she indulged me.  This chair sat in our hallway for awhile.  Our cats found it to be very comfortable, that's why the kids called it "Grandma's Chair" because the fabric was shabby and out of date, the wood worn, and the cats sat on it all day (as if on Grandma's lap).

I love MacKenzie-Childs, and how she uses black & white checks, so immediately I was drawn to this fabric when I saw it! I bought a bunch, not really knowing what I would do with it, but I knew I'd use it at some point (just a side note, I have a room FULL of things, I'm going to use at some point).  Anyway, when I started on this chair, the first thing I did was redo the seat. I dove into my bucket of fabrics and decided this black & white check was what I was going to build this chair around.

I chose the pinks & greens, for no other reason then, I think they look great with black and white, and vola, no more Grandma's chair.   I purchased some wonderful fringe from a local craft store, and dressed it up even more.  To my delight, I sold this chair on Etsy, just a couple weeks ago!

So you see, this is why Maggie indulges me, she allows me to create, even when she doesn't always see where I'm going with it! She trusts in me to make something old, look new again....Awwwwweeeee! Thanks Mags!

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