Snoopy and Stuff

So, I’m finally getting back on schedule with the kids being back in school and summer officially being over, I’m finally getting back into a groove. I know all you parents feel me! It usually takes about a month before we are all deprogrammed, right?

The Etsy store has been crazy busy with orders, which is good and we have finally moved into a store in Oneida called The Market, where we finally have a permanent home for our pieces.  I’m working on a cupboard that will be donated for auction to The William Johnson Scholarship Fund  in October (great cause) so look for that story on the blog soon and we have several custom pieces in the works. Plus, without starting to panic, Plowshares in just around the corner in December and I need to start building inventory! Da, Da, Da….cue the scary music! But with all the craziness, life couldn’t be better and I couldn’t be happier because I’m doing what I love to do. 
Like this next piece for example, who gets to get up and create cute little nursery pieces like this for a living! I mean how lucky am I!

Mike had written me and asked if I could paint an end table that would match the linens that were in his infant son’s room. He sent me a link to the comforter and asked if there was any way I could do something similar to this motif? I’d never done Snoopy before but I thought sure, I’d give it a try. 

If you’ve been on this blog long enough you’d know that this particular style of table is one of my most popular  tables in the shop. I’ve done them in many designs. Check out this one for example, or this one, or this one, or this one, or maybe even this one, the list is as endless as your imagination, but this cute Snoopy stand is a personal fav. Maybe because it’s Snoopy & Woodstock, let’s face it, they’re irresistible.

I’m hoping to have some more pieces to share very shortly! Thanks for sticking around! In the mean time, have you caught the “Pinning” bug!?! My friend Lucy (of Lucy Designs), totally introduced me to the crack (caugh, caugh, I mean...) wonderful world of Pinterest and I have not been able to stop pinning since. So, if you are on one night look me up! I’d love to follow you back I’m always up for new stuff/pins!  And if you are on Face Book stop on over to my page and chat! I’m on there to all hours of the night! Hahahaha! Okay, maybe it’s not the kids that keep me from painting! See Ya soon peeps!

Happy Painting (or pinning, or facebooking or!),

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Becolorful said...

Wow, you are one busy woman. Sounds like things are really taking off for you. You are making me proud girl. I love watching your progress and see you taking yourself in new directions.
I get the scary music comment. I am less than seven weeks away from The Traveling Door sale and I have on , yes 1 freaking thing finished. I am completing a game table today that has taken way more time than I thought and kind of kicked my ass schedule wise. I would like to take photos today but it is raining so we'll see.
Congrats on all of your positives.
Now go get to work. :0