Gothic to Gorgeous

Do you have a favorite place that you “FREAK OUT” about going to?  Like, if you had a ton of money you would probably buy EVERYTHING in the place? Or you could just walk around for hours and still not take everything in? I actually have a variety of places that could fall under that criteria, BUT the one that tops my list is Gothic City Architectural Antiques in Buffalo, New York. At least once a year, my friend and I make our way up there and never leave empty handed.  This is what the place looks like when you first walk through the outside gates.

Ya, I know! Awesome! Right!  Hahaha! We found it by complete chance.  We had road tripped it up to Buffalo in search of another antique shop, when we passed this little gem and went, “What the hell was that!” We immediately turned the van around, parked and walked through the gates. At first we just stood there and looked around.  For us it was like standing at the pearly gates! 

When I say pearly gates. I mean pearly gates too! Look who was there to greet us...

Now, if that's not a sign I don't know what is!  
Then there was this sweet architectural gem...

Just fabulous pieces, a little out of my price range (Although, I did carry this "egg" around for awhile until I traded it in for somethings else) but they are owners are good at haggling prices with you, if you really want it.

Now, once you move past the outside salvage area you enter into a small back door around back, as if you're going into someone’s storm basement.  That's when you realize you're not in Kansas anymore, and your mind has a complete orgasm over all the STUFF that’s inside! It’s incredible.  Rooms full of furniture, full of shelves, full of nooks and crannies, chuck full of beautiful antique type salvage! From door knobs, to hardware, to windows and doors, to hinges and plates, to light fixtures and moldings-you name it and I guarantee you’ll find it there.
So, in the converted building (I believe it was a temple or sanctuary) there are 3 floors, floor to ceiling, jam packed full of stuff.  Then in the adjacent building there’s MORE flipping stuff!  I had my camera with me inside, but I was so enthralled with all the incredible merchandise around me that I actually forgot to take pictures! Ugh…I hate when I do that.

And after all that searching, imagining, admiring and drooling, this is what we came home with...

Okay, I know, it’s not a lot, but like I said in the beginning, “…if you had a ton of money you would probably buy EVERYTHING in the place.”  ABSOLUTELY!

I’m going to use the table legs for a variety of things. Converted coat racks, polls for my decorative bird houses, and a slew of other things.  I bought key plates, two small pieces of furniture AND more legs! That was the high light of my trip (I know BORING! The high light of my day is collecting table legs!)

On our way back through we stopped at this amazing store as well. Craft Company 6 in Rochester is a feast for the eyes! With all its eclectic art work from artisans’ and crafts people, this colorfully, energetic spot, will certainly entice your senses. 

So, if you live in Upstate NY. And you just happen to be on your winter break, wondering what to do… Do yourself a favor, take a road trip to Rochester/Buffalo and check out these amazingly creative polar opposites!  They are sure to get your imagination rolling!

Happy Painting! Mary

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