Elephants with an Indy Twist

 Alexandria wrote me at 3:00 am one day/night/somewhere in between?  I thought, hmmm...this lady is a night owl, my kinda girl! She had found me on Etsy and wanted to commission me to design a bedroom set for her daughter. "HOLAR!" I said, snapping my fingers!  "What fun!" She wanted to coordinate it with the little girls bedspread, which I thought was even cooler!  I mean for real, look at those elephants.   They are, as my 16 year old would say, "Mad Cool!" 

As we corresponded back and forth, I learned that Alex wasn't really a night owl-she was serving in the military in Afghanistan and could only use a computer at specific times. She would be returning home mid August to finally be reunited with her beautiful daughter and wanted to create a space for her daughter to come home to.  As a mom of 5, I gotta tell ya folks, my heart almost melted right out of my chest!  I can't imagine being separated from my children for LONG stretches of time like that, (although some days I need to go away for a couple hours, trust me, I'm not a saint). Plus, she's helping to defend our country in one of the craziest places on planet Earth. 
You freakin' go girl!

After much debate she decided to go with the above pieces (she wanted 2 side tables that matched, but I'm only showing one). Her instructions were pretty simple; She wanted everything to coordinate, have elephants to match the bedding and give it a nice Indy feel. Plus, she wanted her daughter's name-ON EVERYTHING, as well as an infinity symbol and the message "I love you to infinity!" Something she would always say to her daughter. before hanging up the phone.  
Okay, I'm getting the sniffles again, how about you? 

First up the stool was the stool.

a jewelry box

Next we had the side tables.

Then the mirror.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE painting the mirror legs.  They always turn out pretty funky, I must say.

I love how this looks like there's a cherry on top...

  Ever notice how hard it is to take a decent picture of a mirror! If you have any suggestions on how to do that I would love to hear them, because it has been very difficult for me, especially with the free standing mirrors.  Please share your ideas with me over on my Facebook Page!

Well, I hope that Alexandria will be happy with her new bedroom-set! It's fun, bright and sprinkled with a little bit of Indy:D

My next project is a desk...that matches this bedspread! Pretty wild right!

 Have a great weekend! I'm headed out to The New York State Fair (for the 3rd time, don't judge me)!  But while I'm gone I want y'all to get busy creating! 
Let your imaginations run wild! I always do!


Lucy Designs said...

Mary! I LOVE it, what a cool design with the elephants, excellent job as always!

Kathy said...

It is so pretty. It definately has the smile factor.

malik aayan said...

Awesome design, it,s so pretty, thanks for mattress and bed retailer

Divena Lachana said...

I love these colors and the design. You have done a beautiful online beds and mattresses