And A Bookcase Makes Six

A couple weeks ago I showed you a bedroom set that I had done for a customer who wanted "Indy" style elephants, certain quotes & an infinity symbol on everything.  You can see that post here so take a peek.

So, today I bring you the last piece of this set, the bookcase.  Like the other pieces it had to have an Indy feel, as well as match the other pieces (obviously, lol).

 I started with a base coat on the sides with Chinaberry from Benjamin Moore.  I had marked off the squares I was going to paint white first, with my new favorite tape from Frog: Delicate Surface.  It really is great because it doesn't pull the paint ,even if it's freshly dry.

After I pulled the squares off I taped off the outer edges. I know to some it may seem like I'm doing this backwards, like I should have fully painted everything first and then just squared of the areas that would be painted white??? BUT, I didn't? Not sure why, but roll with me here...

Then I taped off for the stripes.  I use one stripe as a marker, so that the stripes are even.

When the stripes are laid out I use this little trick to help with "bleeding".  I paint along the edges with the base color.

 I needed to pick a color that coordinated with it, so I rubbed a couple colors on a card to see how the other chosen pinks worked with the Chinaberry.  When nothing really tickled my fancy I went to the bored. 

 Now, before you judge me, you must know, I have A LOT of paint, and in order to keep things organized I've developed this color chart.  Then I have a shelf with every color family on it that coordinates with the chart.  Okay, can you say OCD? A little, but when I need a quick color, I don't want to go diving into the paint closet, I want a quick look, hence the color chart.

I went to the pinks and chose Dinner Party.  A sort of Maroony, brickish color, a deeper contrast to the Chinaberry.  After the stripes were set I got to painting the other sections and this was the final product.

Now I am on to my next project.  Can you figure out what we are going to build?

And last Friday I had some surgery and I was told to have bed rest for at least a week (Man, was that a hard thing!  Not gonna lie, I snuck down to the studio a couple days to paint, but don't tell my doctor).  Well on bed rest, besides pinning my heart out on Pinterest (I just hit 10,000 followers! Yeah me!) I have been doing a lot of crazy reading!  Here are a few books I loved:

I'm going to start making some paper masks and have been devouring books on paper mache.

Have you been reading anything good lately that's creatively inspiring you lately?  Please come over to my FaceBook Page and share!  I'm a big reader and LOVE a good book!


Merry said...

So all your detail. Hope you are much better since your surgery.

yusrifah Lc said...
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yusrifah Lc said...

ah, fantastic.
i like it....

The ornamental plants