Fun Little Painting Projects

These are just a few more "smaller" items that we created for the Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, then I promise, I will shut my mouth and close the book on this show.  

That is....until next year!

First up, this cute little toy chest (tire not included)!  
This was actually purchased from Micheal's Craft Store.  Not sure if they are even in stock anymore, but when I saw it, I knew it would be a wonderful addition to our craft show merchandise.

It was sort of plain on the front so we added the plaque for some visual interest.  Then I decided to do owls and birds across the front, because lets face it, who can resist little woodland creatures, right?  
Plus, owls are BIG this year people!  I sold out of all my "owl things" the first day at the show!  
So, paint an owl on something and it's sure to be very lucrative!

Next up, was this adorable school chair!  

Last month my friends and I went down to the Everson Museum's annual Flea Market.  We had a lot of fun!  I was really stoked when we found this pair of chairs salvaged from The Syracuse City Schools. 

The one on the left was in mint condition-the one on the right-we're still nursing back to health.  

I painted it as if I were painting a seat for my own little girl (who is older now, and probably wouldn't even fit in it or paint it purple with flowers for that matter). But I pulled out the purples and pinks anyway! 

As always I used Benjamin Moore paints; 

I free handed the flower design on the top and coordinated with matching patterns.  The end result...

And the next piece was this remake.  

I didn't take BEFORE pictures! I really wanna punch myself in the face when I do that, but I still wanted to share with you the end result.  So, close your eyes and imagine with me...

It was a cold dreary night as Maggie and I headed down an old dirt, not really, but I was just trying to create a little bit of drama while you had your eyes closed.  

No, we actually found this piece at a good old fashion garage sale. It had a large, unsightly veneer piece around the table top, just underneath the lip, which was split and chipped.  We immediately pulled that off.  Then the feet were broken, with only one large claw foot making it very unstable.  So, we sawed off the one remaining foot , which made it balance correctly.  

I then added a finial in the middle to secure the legs in place.  There had obviously been a piece there but it was now missing-so voila-an instant center piece from my basket of finials!

Okay, so that's it-for the 2013 Festival!  But, don't be too sad because we have more items on deck (or on my dinning room table I should say).  We have a couple antique rockers, a few LARGE mirrors, a desk, a dresser (although that's not ON my dinning room table, just beside it) and so much more (and yes just in case you're wondering my dinning room is a part time storage unit).

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