The Long Awaited Table

This table was so much fun to do! From the moment I saw it I knew I'd love painting it. This was actually the second table, in a couple of tables they had given me, and although a bit more labor intensive then the first, I didn't care because the end result was pretty cool.

The first one I did for them was a smaller table. Per their request I used the same color palette.
  The Miniature Table For Two was an easier transformation compared to its larger counterpart

But I was certainly up for the challenge.  This table had great character and I was looking forward to  expanding on it.  

After priming it two times  I actually took it apart to start the painting process. 

I started with the base first then graduated to the top. 

When I first started I THOUGHT  I knew exactly what I wanted to do on the top, that was until I painted the base. It was then that I realized it was taking me in a completely different direction. This, crazy as it sounds, is when a piece just tells ME how it wants to be painted.

As I started painting the top Graphics Fairy came to mind. 

This website is a virtual GOLDMINE for anyone looking for free, really cool, clip art.  I could spend hours looking around there and find tons of inspirational graphics for furniture I was doing now and future pieces I had yet to conquer.  This is how I knew I wanted to put a vintage label on this piece, because while on the website researching another table awhile back, I came across this label.  

Once I printed it out on plain regular printer paper I used a projector to transfer the item to the top. I then used a white colored pencil to trace it out and a black Deco Art pen to color it in.  I then outlined the swirls in a gold metallic pen because I felt it added a bit of interest and contrast to the black and burgundy. 

When I had originally painted the top, I had painted the entire thing burgundy, but in the end changed my mind and opted for the infamous quarterly checks instead. I guess I wanted the sides to be different from the rest of the table, because when the sides were down I wanted the eyes to move all over the piece, instead of them just blending in. 

I was really pleased with how it turned out.  I think Mike & Joann will be too.

Just a quick note, I have recently joined the team of PaintNite Syracuse 

And will start instructing events in April!  I can't wait to share my passion of painting with others.  It's a very unique opportunity and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces out there in the audience.  You don't have to have creative bone in your body! So I don't want to hear any excuses! All you need is an open mind and willingness to have fun. I guarantee you will walk out with a fabulous picture to hang in your home and a lot of fun memories.  And I'll warn you now,  once you do one, you'll want to do it again, and again, it's that much fun!

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Joanna Ainscough said...

The table is really pretty and colorful. You really gave life to that old table. Love your talent, Mary. I wish I could paint at least a quarter of your skill REALLY!

Home Stars said...

What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful!
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