Personalized Gifts For You

Christmas season is the busiest time of year for me.  I love all the unique gifts that people come up with; original, personalized gifts, for family and friends.  My friend Eva asked me to create a couple of just such items.  

This style table is one I have readily available. As a matter of fact I have created a couple different designs on this very surface.  Here's a couple of past posts

She had seen this particular table 

and had asked if I could possibly do it in purples and greens. Being the accommodating lady that I am I said, "Yes!"  So, this was her first table:

Maybe, you recognized this faux from this recent post?  I used the same greens in this armoire to                             create a mossy styled faux for the backdrop of this flowered cat.

Her second table was for her daughter's boyfriend who was an avid Boy Scout.  She sent me their emblem and asked if i could recreate it on a table.  Being the accommodating lady that I am, I said....yep, you got it, "Yes!"

I hope y'all get/got some pretty creative and interesting gifts this holiday season!  

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Alice Howard said...

Remarkable stylish tables with the unique look. These amazing tables add special pretense to the overall look of the home.
Thanks for sharing!

Home Stars said...

absolutely beautiful. thanks for posting them.
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