The Celtic Knot

This is a quickie, but I felt that the story behind it needed to be shared.  I was recently contacted by a friend who wanted to buy something special to commemorate a transition that her dear friend had recently gone through. 

We all hit rough spots in our lives, and with the love and support of her two girls, this woman displayed an unexpected strength that made an impact on those around her.

My friend and the girls got together, picked out the colors, the quotes and gave me free range in the design.  The result was this table.

I am deeply honored that I could create a keepsake for them. One that would show their love for one another and display the strength of their family unit.  Thank you to Marsha for always keeping me busy with such creative and inspirational projects!

This table is one I always have in stock

 I sell a lot of them through my Etsy shop. Wecan create them to fit any room, any decor. Please, check out all the different ways this table can be transformed. These are just some from past blog posts! Halloween Table, Adirondack Table, Art Nouveau Table, Leopard & Pink Table, CollegeTable, The Black & Blue TableSnoopy Table

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